Only Metal Gear Solid Could Give Us An Action Figure Of A Dog This Crazy

If you’re familiar with the frequently ridiculous batshit insanity that is the Metal Gear Solid franchise, you’ll look at the above picture of a dog, in a sneaking suit, with an eye patch, and holding a knife it its mouth, and treat it as perfectly normal. The rest of us, meanwhile, will go “buh-whaaaaa???”

Yes, Play Arts Kai, the people behind the often silly (and very pricey) Marvel and DC action figures, have been making a few toys based on the latest entry in the seminal tactical espionage videogame franchise and nanomachines advocate Metal Gear SolidMGSV: The Phantom Pain. In the game, main character Big Boss can recruit a variety of companions to help him in the field, including Diamond Dog, better known as D-Dog. Because Metal Gear Solid is a very silly, very wonderful series of video games.


Considering D-Dog is prepped to go on sneaking missions and into combat alongside his master, he comes well equipped. Not only does he have one of the series’ stealth suits, specially designed for his canine form, he has a special knife—for when biting is clearly not enough—and a special alternate head that gives him an eye patch, just like Big Boss’ own.

Or you know, he could wear his own protective mask and use a stun baton instead. What, your dog doesn’t have its own mask and stun baton? AMATEUR. D-Dog is prepared for everything!


Or sometimes he’s just a cute dog. Who’s a good little stealthy doggie? You are, oh yes you are!


Play Arts Kai’s Diamond Dog figure will set you back $99 (!!!!) when it releases in Japan this December.

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