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A Very Convenient Doctor Who Video to Catch You Up on Your Time Lord History Before the Finale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
We stan a good shoulder pad, tbh.
We stan a good shoulder pad, tbh.
Image: BBC

Can’t tell a Rassilon from a Valeyard? Forgot just what it was that drove the Master mad? Wanna watch people with very extra shoulder pads flounce around for 30 minutes? This new Doctor Who primer on the Time Lords has got you covered alongside a tease for this weekend’s season finale.

Just in time for season 12's impending finale—which promises to deliver answers on all that teasing about the fall of Gallifrey and the Timeless Child from earlier on the season, at long last—the BBC have released a short trailer for “The Timeless Children, giving us a tiny, cryptic look at what we can expect from the finale.

Cybermen, yes, huzzah, but really, it’s all about whatever the Doctor and the Master are up to among the ruins of Gallifrey, and all those cryptic glimpses of Time Lords and what appears to be a young Time Lord who may be that mysterious incarnation of the Doctor we had running around earlier.


So it’s very convenient that the BBC also dropped a fun video gathering a smörgåsbord of clips from the show’s long history that catches you up on the Doctor’s past interactions with their people.

It’s essentially just a clip reel, darting back and forth between the modern and classic eras to show important moments from the Doctor’s history, like the Tenth Doctor’s flashback to the Time Lord Citadel in “The Sound of Drums, the Second Doctor’s exile on Earth at the end of “The War Games, or the Twelfth Doctor’s standoff with Rassilon in “Hell Bent. But if you’re rusty on just what the Time Lords have been up to, recently or otherwise, or why the hell their homeworld is on fire all over again, it’s a nice way to spend 30 minutes.


That, or if you really just wanna stare at some wonderfully silly headgear. For masters of Time and Space, those haughty Time Lords sure know how to look silly.


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