A Very Familiar Smile Will Be Showing Up Next Week in the Telltale Batman Video Game

Things have been very different in the newest video game series focused on the Dark Knight. But a new trailer for episode four of Batman: The Telltale Series shows viewers that the Joker still exists in this alternate continuity.

Three episodes in, it seemed like Telltale might be getting extra ballsy and not doing any version of the Clown Prince of Crime. The new clip released today kills any such suspicions. (Actor Anthony Ingruber is doing the Joker’s voice.) While the Joker will be making a pretty much mandatory appearance, at this late stage, he’s probably not going usurp other characters’ more central roles in the struggle over who gets to control Gotham. The big surprise will likely be in how he gets used in the plot. Episode four of Batman: The Telltale Series comes out on November 22.

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That 3 second clip is already more genuine and engaging than anything Jared Leto has done with the character.