Since most faucets are nothing more than a metal tube, you rarely get a glimpse of the magic inside when cold and hot water come together to create warm water. So Philippe Starck designed the Axor Starck V, a crystal clear faucet that creates a vortex as the streams of water mix and bubble up and out.

Functionality-wise, the Axor Starck V doesn't bring much to the table. In fact, there's actually more of a risk of this faucet getting clogged by a lost dime or anything that can fit down its neck. But aesthetically, it will be hard to find a more visually intriguing way to spruce up a sink.


Unveiled during Milan Design Week 2014, the Axor Starck V will be available in various configurations for bathroom or kitchen use. And while you can adjust the flow as with any faucet, it unfortunately doesn't seem like you'll be able to generate enough of a vortex to turn this into a drinking fountain. Oh well. [Hansgrohe via Urdesign]

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