A Walking Dead Producer Will Adapt the Horror Podcast Lore for TV

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Powerhouse producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead, Aliens, The Terminator) just debuted her latest TV project, Hunters, on Syfy. But that doesn’t mean she’s taking it easy. Next on her slate is Lore, a horror anthology show adapted from a popular podcast that investigates the true origins of spooky legends, stories, and myths.

Lore doesn’t have a network yet, but it sounds like a slam dunk that taps into the emerging trends of adapting podcasts for TV and horror anthology series. The Hollywood Reporter notes that host Aaron Mahnke draws over two million listeners each month for his “100 percent fact-based tales that are brought to life via heavily researched eyewitness accounts, documented stories and historical events”—including “vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, serial killers and witches.”

THR also notes:

The anthology will, like the podcast, offer a blend of narration, historical mixed media and cinematically shot scripted scenes featuring top talent. Each episode will feature a new lore.


Um, yeah. That sounds fantastic. Bring on the true crime monster madness!