A Walking Dead star reveals why their character's days may be numbered

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The Walking Dead isn't shy about killing off anybody, major characters very much included. Now one cast member hints that the larger story may spell their character's death... eventually, at least.


Plus Michael Keaton is ready to make his triumphant return as Beetlejuice!

Zachary Quinto talks up the Star Trek sequel's script, while Chris Pine praises new addition Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Evil Dead reboot adds another cast member, while Russell Crowe considers another iconic genre role.

Director Andrew Stanton reveals why John Carter is like a period film... for a time period that doesn't exist.

District 9 star Sharlto Copley is headed to Jupiter in the first photo from The Europa Report.

Plus why Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter could actually have a sequel!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Walking Dead.

X-Men: First Class

Frequent Matthew Vaughn collaborator Jane Goldman, who did a rewrite on the first prequel and is expected to do the same for the second, discusses the possibility of characters like Cyclops or Jean Grey showing up, as well as how these films generally fit in with the original X-Men trilogy:

Ultimately, those decisions come down to someone other than me. Would I, personally? Well, it's really tricky. I think the route we had gone down with First Class - it's sort of a question of where to go next, and I think those two characters were very strong, especially having [Michael] Fassbender and [James] McAvoy play them so brilliantly. In a comic sense, I still think there's room for an X-Men [film] with the original X-Men [Laughs]. In terms of how they fit in this new universe that First Class kicked off, I don't know. I mean, yes, I think there's room for that. All sorts of ideas have been talked about and Matthew has some particular ideas, and, in this case, all of those decisions will be done through Matthew.

I think the style of the film really set it up apart from the other X-Men films, where it felt like a new universe.

I definitely think so, and I think that was Matthew's intention. I think there were moments where there was continuity with the other X-Men movie universe, and there were moments it was apart from that. I think it was the right way to go, for Matthew to make it a separate entity.


[Film School Rejects]

Star Trek 2

Spock actor Zachary Quinto discusses what production on the sequel has been like so far:

Getting back together with everybody was amazing. It was a little bit awkward because we've been away for four years, so for all of us to kind of find our footing again, just in relationship to shooting the movie [was a challenge]. But there's such a great connection between all of us that we were able to find our way pretty quickly.


He also gives some general thoughts on the script:

Well, it's bigger and bolder. And I think in some ways more dynamic. And it's so exciting to be back. And the first time there was a writer's strike when we were shooting the movie so nothing was able to be changed – the script was locked. And this time Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] and Damon [Lindeloff] and J.J.[Abrams] are really getting in and working on the story and sort of allowing it to expand and evolve – and bringing us into the process. So there's a real collaboration that wasn't even legally permitted the first time that I feel really grateful for. We're having a really great time.


[Popcorn Biz]

New Captain Kirk Chris Pine heaped some massive (and completely justified) praise on his newly cast costar, Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch:

"Benedict is fantastic. He's just so good. He's super talented, and we are more than grateful to have him on board. Benedict has got this intensity about him, and he's obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else. He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor [laughs]. He actually studied for it. [You'll love] everything. He's really talented. I think it's all going to be love - a mad amount of love."


Of course, Pine wouldn't actually reveal anything about who Cumberbatch is playing...because that would be telling, I guess. [MTV]

John Carter

Director Andrew Stanton explains the look and feel they were going for with their adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's iconic series:

"The only way to do this was to make it feel like a period film...just a period you didn't know about. To make it feel like that I had to follow the rules of a real cultural history, as if there was some area of far-away South America, or the deep, deep Middle East that nobody knew about."


Star Taylor Kitsch explains the emotional heft required to play John Carter, and how the craziness of the Martian surroundings tests that:

"It's a character-driven epic adventure. It's quite heavy at times, but at the same time there's funny, situational humor. He's battling demons. He's been through the Civil War. He's seen his family involved with it...How does a guy, a guy who comes from a dark, intense place, how does he handle this?! It's funny but intense."


There's more at the link. [IGN]

The Europa Report

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Here's a promo image of District 9 star Sharlto Copley in Sebastian Cordero's film, which follows six astronauts as they travel to Jupiter's moon Europa in search of extraterrestrial life. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Here's a new promo image. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote the original novel and co-wrote the screenplay, says there's some possibility of making a sequel:

"The short answer is yes, absolutely. If you read the book there's an epilogue that leaves things open to that. In the film, without giving anything away, we don't definitively end the origin story. We leave, not only a mentor story, but also possibly a Lincoln story open."


While I'm not sure quite what he's referring to with where the film leaves off, it should be noted that the book ends with Lincoln turned into a vampire by his friend and mentor, the vampire Henry Sturges, and standing in the shadows during Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial. So, the sequel may be some form of "vampire Lincoln in the swinging sixties." I would say that's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard, but I'm just going to get proven wrong ten minutes from now anyway. [ScreenRant]

Evil Dead Reboot

Thumbsucker actor Lou Pucci has reportedly been cast as Eric, described as "an intense academic whose intellectual curiosity gets him and his friends into trouble." He joins the previously cast Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez. [Variety]


Iron Sky

Here are some more plot details from the Finnish comedy:

Finnish sci-fi spoof "Iron Sky" takes viewers on a wild ride to the dark side of the moon, where Nazis who survived World War Two have built a military base and are planning a "Meteorblitzkrieg" on planet Earth. Black U.S. astronaut James Washington, on a mission to boost the flagging electoral fortunes of a U.S. president clearly modeled on Sarah Palin, stumbles across the huge Swastika-shaped complex and is captured. His madcap adventures, set in 2018, see his skin turned white by an Albert Einstein lookalike, send him back to Earth where he is greeted as a lunatic and finally to the moon again to try to save the day, and his skin.


OK, I'm now kind of terrified of this movie. Still intrigued though. [Chicago Tribune]

Dark Shadows

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Here is a poster showing Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Right, so here's the latest project Russell Crowe is attached to star in. Instead of Robocop or Noah of "Noah's Ark" fame, Crowe is reportedly in talks to play Dracula supporting character Jonathan Harker in this reimagining that makes Harker a Scotland Yard detective investigating the vampire's grisly murders — instead of his usual depiction as a lawyer. As Dracula characters go, you might think that Abraham Van Helsing would make way more sense to slide into this role than Harker, but you forget that Hugh Jackman already gave us the definitive take on that character, so we've got to go with Harker instead. [Vulture]


Warm Bodies

Despite recently releasing some promo images, Summit Entertainment has decided to push back the zombie romance from 50/50 writer-director Jonathan Levine from August 10 to February 1, 2013. If you're keeping score, this is the second movie starring X-Men: First Class actor Nicholas Hoult to get unceremoniously bounced to 2013 shortly after official images were released, following Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer. So, if you see Nicholas Hoult around, be nice to him, OK? [ShockTillYouDrop]


Beetlejuice 2

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter writer Seth Grahame-Smith provided this update on his plans to write a Beetlejuice sequel:

"It's a reality in the sense that I met with Michael Keaton last week. We talked for a couple of hours and talked about big picture stuff. It's a priority for Warner Bros. It's a priority for Tim [Burton]. Right now, I am writing an animated movie for Tim based on an idea of mine. Then I adapt Unholy Night [based on the upcoming book]. The third I am hoping is Beetlejuice in terms of writing schedule."


He also described Michael Keaton's excitement for the project as "huge", revealing that Keaton is raring to go:

"He's been wanting to do it for 20 years and he'll talk to anybody about it who will listen. I really told him, I have a huge reverence for Tim and a huge reverence for that film in general. I don't think we should do it if we shit on the legacy. He agrees. So, right now, it remains to be seen, I have a couple of story ideas, but we're very early out."



Paradise Lost

Legendary Pictures has officially abandoned Alex Proyas's planned adaptation of the John Milton poem, which was set to star Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, Casey Affleck as the Archangel Gabriel, Benjamin Walker as the Archangel Michael, and Djimon Hounsou as Abdiel. The project had already been put on hiatus due to budget concerns, and it was reportedly nixed entirely due to concerns over visual effects costs. [Deadline]


The Boys

In other cancellation movies, Sony's Columbia Pictures has decided to abandon Anchorman director Adam McKay's plans to adapt the Garth Ennis comic. According to McKay himself, the project could still be picked up by another studio, but if it does happen at this point, it won't be R-rated:

."It's not dead. Two studios very interested. Love Sony but they made a mistake. It's now PG-13. But I found cool ways to keep it edgy. [Christopher] Nolan does so much with that rating. I want this movie to have the conceptual floor of MIB: the police for the superheroes, with the bad ass action groove of The Matrix or Oldboy."


[Heat Vision and Film School Rejects]

The Mortal Instruments

One last bit of cancellation news — Sony's Screen Gems has dropped this adaptation of Cassandra Clare's fantasy series, which was slated to be directed by Legion's Scott Stewart and star Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. The rights holder, Constantin Films, has reportedly decided to pursue another co-financier or just pay for the thing themselves, though it's not clear if the current cast and crew will remain through this transition. [Heat Vision]



Because Lionsgate likes money, CEO Jon Feltheimer decided to make it clear that, yes, should Stephanie Meyer write more Twilight books, they are damn well going to film them. For her part, Meyer has said she would be open to writing more books at some point down the line. So basically, we're never getting rid of Taylor Lautner. [/Film]



Angelina Jolie revealed that she plans to return to acting after a two-year hiatus with the title role as the evil sorceress in this upcoming Disney adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty story. [Hollywood Reporter]



Here's the promo for this Friday's episode and thirteenth overall, "A Better Human Being."

Here's a short description for episode fourteen, "The End of All Things", which airs February 24:

PIVOTAL EVENTS UNFOLD ON AN ALL-NEW "FRINGE" FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, ON FOX - Peter and the Fringe team take extraordinary measures in an attempt to stop life-threatening events.


[Fringe Spoilers]

Lost actor Henry Ian Cusick has reportedly been cast in a guest starring role in episode nineteen. He will play an agent assigned to a Fringe case. This may or may not be the character mentioned in a recent casting notice, an alternate universe agent "that possesses strength and confidence as well as strong comic timing." [TV Line]


Here's an interview with composer Chris Tilton. [Fringe Television]

The Walking Dead

While Shane actor Jon Bernthal pointedly refused to discuss the rumors that he is leaving the show to work with fired showrunner Frank Darabont on a new project, he did say that he's pretty sure that, sooner or later, Shane has got to die:

I think it is vital for Rick's character. Shane kept his wife alive but he also slept with her. I think it's very important that Rick feels this betrayal and deals with it one way or another. I don't know if it's necessary but you know, look, I think eventually... that's the story. I think that's how this works out. At some point I think he's gotta go.


Speaking of which, Bernthal breaks down the current state of Rick and Shane's relationship:

Shane and Rick have really opposing ideologies. One guy is ruled by his heart and emotions and the other guy, Shane, is like "Look dude, that shit's out the window now. We're in a zombie apocalypse." The thing is Shane's been right, time after time. Shane is a really emotional guy though and I think he's going to discover pretty soon that it's hard to put a cap on those feelings.

Lori's baby is a very tangible symbol for that feud.
Right. He realizes he is a cancer in the group and I think that's why he was talking about potentially leaving. Now that the baby is coming, there is a sense of ownership though, which means he ain't going anywhere. I think it will reawaken his desire to stay with the group and claim what is his. I think that's very dangerous.


There's more at the link. [GQ]

Star Andrew Lincoln also discusses what's ahead, including a clue about the show's long-term future:

I am very excited about where we are going next with Rick and the group! Another pivotal event happens in the penultimate episode of this season which is going to have a profound effect on Rick and his nearest and dearest. This could spin him off in any number of directions and I look forward to seeing where the writing team take the show.


[Digital Spy]

Costar IronE Singleton explains what's ahead for his character:

T-Dog is going to fit in the way that the rest of them fit in. Wherever they go, T-Dog is going. Whatever they do, T-Dog is doing to survive. Whatever it takes to survive. T-Dog is just basically on this journey of survival, doing whatever needs to be done to help out with that that survival, serving as an integral part. Wherever he can help out, that's what he's willing to do.


He also says there will be some backstory provided for his character...provided he survives long enough, which he wouldn't confirm. [TV Equals]

Once Upon a Time

Here's the description of episode fourteen, "Dreamy":

Mary Margaret and Leroy join forces to help nuns sell candles at the Miner's Day festival; Emma investigates the disappearance of David's wife; Grumpy falls in love with a fairy.



Amy Acker discusses her upcoming guest turn as Grumpy's significant other, and how it is different from her appearance as the villainous Spinnetod on Grimm:

I can say that it's basically the total opposite of the character in Grimm. My character is very pink! ... When I saw my costume, I was just like, "GASP! – I get to wear that?" [Laughs]


[TV Line]

Lost actress Emilie de Raven discusses her future as Belle on the show:

"I do come back, and I'd love to come back for a lot more because I love the show and had a lot of fun with it," she says. "Belle's a really fun character because she's a strong young woman. Also, the people on the show are giving actors and fun to work with. That's hard to find."



12-year-old actress Bailee Madison, who is probably best known (though not necessarily best known around here) from Wizards of Waverly Place, tweeted that she will be appearing in an upcoming episode as a younger version of Ginnifer Goodwin's Snow White, something Goodwin herself also confirmed via Twitter. [SpoilerTV]


Here are some set photos. [Nigel Horsley on Flickr]


Here's a promo for this Friday's episode, "Last Grimm Standing."


Here's a promo and sneak peek for the next episode, "Repo Men", which features the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer.

And here are some promo photos for the episode. [TV Line]

Additional reporting by Marykate Jasper and Charlie Jane Anders.



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