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A Woman Dancing In a Bikini and Four Other Stupid Things People Did to Get a Free BlackBerry 10

Look people, I know the BlackBerry Z10 looks great, but I just can't believe that some of you are doing these stupid things to get one for free. Ok, five of you.


And I really mean that. I can't believe it. I can't believe that some Deborah St. Pierre decided to dance and pose in a bikini. Or that this man—a Brian Heffren of Middletown, New York—got a freaking BlackBerry tattoo! That would be just beyond stupid, right? Like getting a Zune tattoo or something.


So I'm inclined to believe this stupid contest is a seriously misguided and profoundly sad PR thing. Except the site is not official RIM, just a self-declared crackberry fanboy hub.

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This author sounds like an idiot. Grow up Diaz and Btw I am dropping iphone for the new bb10 phone the z10. You know why Diaz? Iphone4s Is old and outdated and the iphone5 is slow and outdated compared to well EVERYONE. When I seen BB10 vs the iphone5 its not hard to see the z10 smashes the iphone5. In every category except apps but bb10 is said to have 70000 apps or greater which is more then enough. I'm sick of dropped call no NFC and a small screen. Apple died with jobs. Bye apple. First Samsung beat apple and now blackberry beats apple. Everyone I know is ditching apple.