A Wooden Hammock Looks Incredibly Classy (and Maybe a Little Pinchy)

A stained wood Adirondack chair can class up any deck, and it turns out a stained wood hammock can do the same for a backyard. This impressive creation, called the Para Hammock, still features an intricate web of cords (in this case, strong nylon parachute cord)—but here they're used to support over 700 tiny tiles made of walnut wood. So the whole thing flexes and undulates like a rope or fabric hammock, but provides a slightly sturdier spot to stretch out.


The only catch, besides not being able to readily buy one from its creators at 4th Period Woodshop, is the fear of hair, skin, or loose clothing getting caught and pinched between those tiny wooden tiles. If you're thinking of trying to custom order one, you might want to consider a full body shave like an Olympic swimmer or Tour de France rider before climbing aboard. [4th Period Woodshop via MoCo Loco]

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