A Working 62-lb Remote-Controlled Excavator Can Hardly Be Called a Toy

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Let's say you want to dig yourself up a little garden or terrorize the local rodentia. Or both! Well, meet the EC280 Excavator. It's a tiny little monster with a kickass demo soundtrack. Everything about this is ridiculous and wonderful.

It's a 1:14.5 scale replica of a hulking Cat excavator, but don't worry about that 62-pound weight. As you can see, the EC280 has no problem pushing itself backwards up stairs.

Its six motorized proportional axles run on four rechargeable NiMH batteries, and you get an eight-channel radio controller included in the $4,500 price tag. That's honestly probably a reasonably price, given that I can't think of anyone other than eccentric millionaires who would want one. [Hobby Media via Uber Review via Dvice]