A world where you buy police protection just like you buy cable

This video introduces us to a police dystopia that's all too plausible. Influenced partly by Robocop, and partly by cyberpunk, the short film From the Future with Love is about what happens when police protection is only for people with money.


This works as a short film, but writer/director K-Michel Parandi intended it as a proof-of-concept for something bigger. I'm personally voting for a movie — I'd love to see this done as a gritty indie or mid-budget flick, kind of like the recent Judge Dredd. There's so much to work with here, especially with filling out a world that has given up on protecting most of its citizens, but at the same time has brain upload technology.

Ben Mauro, who worked on the film, told io9:

Shot in New York last year, it is a collection of short snippets of a larger universe/story we are trying to tell. This was of course all done on an extremely low budget, but there are a lot of ideas in there that could make for a really cool TV show, film, game etc with the right studio/funding behind it.

One of the things I like about these snippets is that they don't shy away from really dark storylines that end really badly for the main characters. Also, the advertisement for the police force is priceless. Again, the tone is clearly influenced by Paul Verhoeven, but in a good way.

More of this, please.



"Where you buy police protection like you buy cable." You mean not unlike the story of the fellow who's house burnt down as firefighters stood by and watched because he hadn't paid his firefighter tax? Except that was real life.