Facebook's so-called frictionless sharing means that the apps you use auto-report your activity to your friends' news feeds. Which means you can have inadvertently embarrassing activities showing up without even knowing it. How wonderful!

Apps like Rdio and Spotify are constantly tattling on our sometimes shameful musical choices. But the really embarrassing stuff is often reserved for what we read, in that it can suggest things about us that may not be true. The canonical example is seeing one of your friends suddenly reading lots of stories about cancer. Frictionless sharing is exactly the kind of thing that might cause friction between you and your friends. (Here's how to regain a little of your privacy and dignity.)


When I fired up The Blue this morning, I saw one of my friends had been reading a story about the "four things you do that kill her sex drive" on the Washington Post's social reader. Er. I doubt he intended everyone to see that? Nonetheless, the Washington Post's app ratted him out to everyone on Facebook.

And while that's kind of funny, I'm sure you've seen better. What are the most embarrassing, horrible, or things you've seen your friends inadvertently frictionlessly share on Facebook? Drop your screenshots in the comments below. And for fudge's sake, blur their names and pictures, mkay?


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