Illustration for article titled Ace of Cakes Nikon D60 Sculpture Yields Oddly-Shaped Slices

The fondant-wielding wizards at Ace of Cakes created this huge replica of a Nikon D60 DSLR for a photographer's birthday party. Way to stick it to all those upstart amateurs, Charm City Cakes.

We can't find any shots of it, but this cake actually featured another cake in its "viewfinder," which sounds both clever and delicious. But now that Ace of Cakes has put their toe in the pool of gadget cakes, there's no turning back. They'll have to make an iPhone cake, then a BlackBerry cake for fairness' sake, then a laptop, then there's the entire world of peripherals and gaming systems and... it's exhausting. [Engadget, Ace of Cakes]


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