Ad Watch: Swiss Self-Cleaning Toilet

Watch as an attractive Swiss broad shows you why a self-cleaning toilet is a bad idea in a public place, but a great idea at home.


Let's see if we've got this straight. The Swiss get self-cleaning toilets and the Japanese get toilets that treat your ass like a Queen. What do we get? A bald pirate pressuring housewives to clean more often.

Thanks Chris!



These toilets are cool, Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) installed them back in 2001, finally made going to a public toilet not the most gross thing on the planet.

As for toilets that treat your ass, I have a Brondell Swash seat, which is as American as apple pie (a $600 apple pie that is). It comes with heated seat, front and back washers and hot air dryer. Do you know how awesome that is in the winter?