Adam Carolla Complains About Electric Cars

One of Adam Carolla's masterfully crafted abilities is the skill to complain about everything. A prime example: electric cars. The man likes cars and the man likes electricity, so what's the problem? He'll TELL YOU.

NSFW language should be implied, but here's an explicit warning for those of you with more delicate sensibilities.

Fans who are eager to see him do his show LIVE can buy tickets for his shows in the LA area, or check him out when he's on the road in May. He'll be in the Bay Area on May 20 at Cobb's, and the late show still has tickets available. You can order here.

You can also get daily Adam Carolla over at his podcast, which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

Check back tomorrow for another dose of Adam complaining about tech. [Adam Carolla]

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