Adam Carolla Complains About Electric Cars

One of Adam Carolla's masterfully crafted abilities is the skill to complain about everything. A prime example: electric cars. The man likes cars and the man likes electricity, so what's the problem? He'll TELL YOU.

NSFW language should be implied, but here's an explicit warning for those of you with more delicate sensibilities.


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Check back tomorrow for another dose of Adam complaining about tech. [Adam Carolla]



I agree with a lot of the things he says here, but I don't necessarily agree with his logic in some instances.

For example, I agree that Nuclear power is good, but not because it is safer than coal mining. How can he suggest that we have virtually no nuclear power plants (thanks Charlie Sheen) and then claim that they are much safer because there haven't been any deaths recently? That's like saying there are no car accidents in a third world country that uses mostly bicycles, and that they should adopt cars because they are safer.

Also, the U.S. has drastically been expanding its nuclear-power capacity since the 90's, and today, we are the largest producer of nuclear power in the world, accounting for more than 30% of nuclear generated electricity worldwide (almost twice as much as France). We have 104 nuclear reactors now with 4-8 new ones coming online by 2018.