Space Man Adam Driver Fights Dinosaurs—That's It, That's the Movie

Sure, 65 wants to sell itself as "Oh, it's the next movie from the writers of A Quiet Place, produced by Sam Raimi!" But no, this is the real pitch.

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Gif: Sony Pictures

I have never been more quickly sold on anything in my life than watching Adam Driver pick up a sci-fi assault rifle, pointing it at a T.Rex, and opening fire.

That’s the joy of our first look at 65, a movie penned and directed by Quiet Place scribes Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, and produced by the legendary Sam Raimi. It all starts out as a pretty typical sci-fi survival flick: Driver is Commander Mills, the pilot of a starship carrying passengers on an exploratory mission when his vessel is struck by a rogue asteroid, sending it crash-landing onto an unknown planet. After finding another survivor—a young child named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt)—Mills navigates this strange world as he tries to find a way to get himself and Koa off-planet.

65 – Official Trailer (HD)

And then the dinosaurs show up. And then it’s revealed the 65 of the title is in reference to 65 million years in our past, because the planet Adam Driver has crashed on is pre-historic earth that’s why there’s dinosaurs everywhere oh my god Adam Driver get your Halo-ass assault rifle it’s time to shoot dinosaurs.


Love this for Adam Driver. Love this for me. I will love it when 65, the leading nominee in the Best Picture category at the 2024 Oscars, hits theaters on March 10.

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