Adam Savage Goes Incognito to Comic Con as Hellboy

“Isn’t San Diego Comic Con in July?” you might be wondering. And you’d be right. But Adam went to the first inaugural Silicon Vally Comic Con on a personal invite from Steve Wozniak, and he pulled out all stops.


As a nod to his first incognito con in 2008, Adam dressed up again as his favorite comic book character—Hellboy. And what’s more surprising than how good it looks is that every part of the costume fits in a single duffel bag.

Of course, he was outed very quickly this time around, partly because his costumes definitely look like they were made by a professional replica prop maker. What didn’t help either was that Adam posted a video two weeks ago detailing his build of the exact sword he was holding. Not his stealthiest attempt...

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“Incognito,” eh? I always thought that was called “cosplay.”