Watch Adam Savage Upgrade a Nerf Blaster So It Can Fire 1,000 Shots Without Reloading

Some of Adam Savage’s most popular Tested videos in recent years have been his one-day builds in which he mods, hacks, and paints Nerf blasters to improve their capabilities, or just make them look like beautiful scifi props. His latest build includes all of the above, as Adam modifies and upgrades a Nerf Rival…

Watch How Hollywood Fakes the Ocean Using Nothing But a Ton of Water and Some Construction Equipment

Despite the film’s less-than-stellar box office performance, Adam Savage and the Tested crew spent a bit of time behind-the-scenes of Blade Runner 2049 while the movie was in production, and seeing how the special effects team fakes the ocean by splashing around in a monstrous water tank is especially fascinating.

Watching Adam Savage Build a Replica of Excalibur Will Help Slake Your Thirst For Battle, Just a Little

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds series for Tested has taken him everywhere from making faux Apollo-era spacesuit parts to a ping pong machine gun, but this time he went a little more medieval. In this week’s installment, Savage decided to remake the legendary sword from 1981 fantasy film Excalibur using some of the same…

Adam Savage Turned a Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Debate Into the Most Depressing Moment of Comic-Con 2017

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, John Hodgman hosted Syfy’s Great Debate where Orlando Jones, Aisha Tyler, Adam Savage, John Barrowman, and io9 co-founder Charlie Jane Anders, debated a variety of classic nerd conundrums. And, somehow, Savage’s answer to the eternal Star Wars or Star Trek question brought down the…

Watch Adam Savage Geek Out Over an Original HAL 9000 in Peter Jackson's Amazing Prop Collection

Before he started busting myths, Adam Savage worked in the special effects industry building props and models for films. His love of iconic film artifacts is reflected in some of the recent builds he’s shared online, but it’s also fun to just watch him geek out over Peter Jackson’s amazing film prop collection.