Adam Savage Made a Pair of Lightsaber Controllers to Make the Beatsaber VR Experience Feel More Realistic

Feel the Force.
Image: Adam Savage’s Tested (YouTube)

Mix one part Guitar Hero with a dash of any Star Wars game that lets you wield a lightsaber and you’ve got Beatsaber: a VR experience that has players fending off an onslaught of colored blocks like Anakin at the Jedi Academy. The game has been one of the most compelling reasons to buy an Oculus Quest headset, but Adam Savage decided the system’s controllers were in desperate need of a Luke Skywalker upgrade with his latest one-day build.


Wanting to further enhance the Beatsaber experience, Savage bought a pair of lightsaber-inspired extensions for the Oculus Quest’s wireless controllers on eBay, but since they were 3D printed from lightweight plastic they lacked the satisfying heft of the metal lightsabers wielded by the Jedi and Sith. Given Savage actually worked on the Star Wars prequels before his MythBusters days, there are few as qualified as him to turn the Quest’s controllers into a pair of lightsabers.

Giving credit where credit is due, the controller extensions Savage bought online incorporated a clever mechanism for attaching to the rounded, bulbous handles on the Quest’s controllers. So instead of reinventing the wheel, Savage designed his own custom aluminum lightsaber handles to augment the 3D printed plastic ones, which almost certainly helped ensure this build only spanned a single day.

The results look like something right out of Lucasfilm’s prop shop, not surprisingly. And while Savage could probably make a small fortune selling his creation to other Beatsaber fanatics, the risk of accidentally bashing a limb, a wall, or someone who gets too close with the now hefty controllers means the only way you can realistically get a pair for yourself is to get started on your own one-day build.

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Not so embarrassingly, this sealed the deal on ordering an Oculus Quest.

Facebook owes Savage some money.