Add 'Robin Hood in the Future' to All the Other Robin Hood Movies on the Way

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In the coming years, expect to see Robin Hood at your local theater a lot. Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Walt Disney and Lionsgate all have competing projects in development and now another is back in the mix. Except this one is set... IN THE FUTURE.


Sometimes referred to as Robin Hood 2058, it’s a film being developed by The Hollywood Gang, the producing team behind 300. Several screenwriters have been on the project over the past few years but the latest is Tony Lee, a best-selling author and comic book writer. His attachment reinvigorates the project that has been in development for the better part of the decade. Look, we wrote about an earlier incarnation in 2009!

According to reports, early versions of the story were described as “futuristic reimagining of Robin Hood” and with a story set in a “dystopian London with a rogue MI5 agent on a mission to avenge injustice.” But don’t worry, producers have gone on record saying the film will “stay faithful to the legend’s source material.”

Add this to the other versions, which have separately been described as a “revenge thriller,” an “origin story,” “revisionist,” “gritty” and a “reimagining,” and basically we can continue to mourn the death of creativity. Robin Hood is obviously one of those stories everyone knows and enjoys but you have to think, at some point, most of these films aren’t going to happen. Whatever one of these movies makes it in theaters first will set the tone for the others. If it’s a hit, everyone else will be excited. If it’s not, they’ll sit in development hell.

Or maybe we can just rewatch The Adventures of Robin Hood, Disney’s Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and on and on and on....

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Image credit: Robin Hood: Men In Tights, because future Robin would probably use a bow and arrow like that.


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