Add Sony Remotes to the List of Things Man Never Needed to Waterproof

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If there's one electronic device that I use on a daily basis yet has never let me down through a lack of durability, it's the standard television remote. Pretty much every brand on the market is built like a tank.


Yet Sony is marketing a RM-PZ3SD waterproof remote in spite of this fact, and putting it on sale in Japan next month for $29.

Am I missing some key piece of market research? Does a large segment of the population, unbeknownst to me, have a pool in their living room? Are scuba divers sporting 52-inch Bravias on their backs, cursing at their inability to change the channel to Discovery HD while deep sea diving?


You know what would be great, Sony? If you just came out and said, "We have no unique ideas pertaining to a new line of remotes. So stick with what you've been using and things will probably be alright, barring an aquatic act of God that will probably destroy your TV and every other possession you hold dear anyway." [Sony via New Launches]

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Mark, I think you are missing the fact that these are made for people who spill drinks alot. Had a clumsy friend who had a habit of knocking her glass over at-least once an evening. Twice it got on her tv remotes and she had to replace them.