Space isn’t just the next frontier for human exploration—apparently clothing brands are also looking towards the heavens. Today, Adidas revealed that its Y-3 brand will be working with Virgin Galactic to design not only the astronaut pilot’s flight-suits, but the outfits for everyone at Spaceport America. (For those not familiar with the brand, Y-3 is a fashion collaboration between Adidas and designer Yohji Yamamoto.)

The pilot’s flight-suit revealed today at Spaceport America in New Mexico is just a prototype, but it was made using the same technologies and modern manufacturing techniques that the rest of the line will utilize.


The flight-suit is made from Nomex Meta Aramid, which is a material very similar to kevlar. It retains some of the bullet-proof fabric’s rigidity, but is considerably more flexible. So while it will help support a pilot’s seating position during long flights and missions, it will still be comfortable enough to wear while sitting in a cockpit for hours on end.

The boots that Y-3 developed are just as impressive. Made from similarly strong but lightweight Nomex materials and natural leather, the boots have enhanced grips on the soles and special heel inserts for absorbing shocks and impacts during rough flights. Though they’re still prototypes, the boots will actually be tested by astronaut pilots during upcoming Virgin Galactic test flights so that they can provide valuable feedback on their design before it’s finalized.


On a less technical level, Adidas’ Y-3 will also be responsible for designing the uniforms for passengers taking their first flights to the edge of space, as well as for the ground crew and other operations personnel at Spaceport America.



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