When you’re out exploring the city on a warm summer’s day you need something to carry all your stuff, but a heavy backpack hanging off your shoulders isn’t ideal. Adidas’ Yohji Yamamoto-designed Y-3 Sport Backpack wants to fix that by securely wrapping around you like a vest so it feels almost weightless. Fair warning—you’ll have to cough up $410 for the pleasure.


You won’t be carrying around a 15-inch laptop inside it, but you can easily squeeze an extra pair of shoes in there, and it has an integrated hanging system for a Camelbak so you can stay hydrated.

Reflective fabrics, waterproof zippers, and ventilated back padding means the Y-3 Sport Backpack is also a viable option for runners or cyclists who need to carry a few essentials like a phone and a wallet that won’t end up banging around in their pockets. It’s not a cheap alternative to a messenger bag, but isn’t it time you upgraded that bag you’ve been carrying since high school?

[Adidas Y-3 via Werd]