Adobe Pimps Creative Suite 3 With Interactive Wall in Union Square

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Adobe is shilling for its Creative Suite 3 with a 7x15 ft. interactive wall outside of the Virgin Megastore in Union Square that debuts this morning. The display grants the closest passerby control of a slider button on the bottom that manipulates what's projected based on their walking speed and direction, producing different effects in the animation. It also reacts incidentally to the crowd around it, which should make the glorious pedestrian congestion in that area even more awesome.

While definitely slick, the implementation of the idea actually seems somewhat limited, and doesn't make full use of its potential—imagine a 20x20 foot version of Microsoft Surface that people could just walk up and draw on. If it recorded every stroke made over the display's duration, it could turn into a really interesting mass art project, for instance. Sure, you'd probably wind up with more than a few obscene renderings, but it's New York, people can handle it.

That said, Adobe is at least slightly savvy to its users, immediately torpedoing the idea to stick the demo in the tourist hellhole (or just general hellhole) that is Times Square, despite its heavier foot traffic.


If you want to check it out but don't feel like rushing out right now to beat the sweating masses to 14th St., don't worry, it'll be there for a month. [NYT]

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So I'm sitting here drinking my coffee before work and thinking... Wow, what a great place for this! I mean, the Virgin Megastore near Union Square is right across the street from the Apple Store. I'll have to go there on my way to work.

Oh, What? Right! Union Square in NY... Oh well, back to the coffee.