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We don't generally delve into the software side of things, but this is pretty big news for webheads and the public at large. Adobe announced this morning that they will be acquiring webdev tool powerhouse Macromedia in an all stock exchange valued at approximately $3.4 billion, pending SEC approval. Adobe's PDF (Acrobat) format and Macromedia's Flash platform are probably their two most pervasive products and so the effects of such an acquisition will likely be felt by anyone with an Internet connection in some form or another.

Put another way, it's a safe bet to say that soon, we'll be able to generate PDFs from Flash movies with a ColdFusion backend that plays back video edited in Premiere wrapped in an interface laid out in Dreamweaver, designed in Fireworks and colored in Illustrator. All within a single company's product lineup. Get ready for a productivity suite that leaves you winded, for sure.


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