THE show I am most excited about this week. Comic book scribes Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning come together for this weeks episode of The Avengers-EMH!, as they meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy!


Adam Warlock, Quasar, and Rocket Raccoon make appearances in this episode. No clip is available as of the time this article is up, but I'll be DVR'ing this one.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures – "Heavy Mettle"


Nicktoons is airing re-runs of the Armors Wars arc from season two starting this past Wednesday, kicking off a return of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

New episodes will start airing later this summer, making this a great opportunity to catch up.


Thundercats – "Curse of Ratilla"


This week, the Thundercats plunge down a mine shaft to free brothers and sisters enslaved by Ratar-O, who seeks the Sword of Plundarr.


In this clip, the cats are trapped by swamp dwellers, and we learn why there is a curse associated with Ratilla.

Transformers Prime – "Tunnel Vision"


This week's episode kicks off a race to find four lost relics from Iacon City, the capital of Cybertron (and sometime base of the Autobots). To increase their chances of finding the Iacon relics, the outnumbered Autobots split into teams and search the four corners of the world, sending Arcee and Bumblebee to New York City.


Top image courtesy of Disney XD. Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes air during Sunday Mornings on Disney XD. Iron Man: Armored Adventures airs Wednesday night on Nicktoons. The Legend of Korra airs Saturday mornings on Nickelodeon, I really didn't know Nickelodeon still existed - do they still show Guts or You Can't do that on Television? I hope so. Transformers: Prime airs Saturday afternoons on The Hub. Adventure Time airs Monday nights on the Cartoon Network. Thundercats, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Young Justice: Invasion air Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network, so turn your television on.