Adam Frucci Dishes on His Toyota Yaris Unboxing Experience

By now you've seen the unboxing of the 2012 Toyota Yaris. (If you haven't, it's right up there above the headline.) It was your basic big deal, and Gizmodo was thrilled to participate. What did star of said video, Gizmodo pal and swell dude Adam Frucci, think of the experience? He spills it, below:

Describe your unboxing qualifications. Until the Toyota Yaris unboxing video, what's the largest item you had pulled from a box?

Adam: I don't think anyone is really an unboxing "expert," as to unbox something you really are just being videotaped opening a box. If there was a class on it, it would be a very short and unfulfilling class. But my qualifications involve being a gadget blogger for going on 7 years, making me professionally invested in shiny things in boxes. I'd say the biggest thing I had unboxed before the Yaris was a flat-screen TV, which really isn't too big in comparison.

What did the Yaris smell like when it emerged from the box?

Adam: I'm not sure I smelled anything other than myself by the time we actually pulled it out of the box; we shot it in LA in the summertime in a warehouse with no air conditioning, so any new car smell was overpowered by my own gross sweatiness.

How long did the shoot take? How was the craft services table on set?

Adam: The shoot took about 12 hours, start to finish. Craft services was a little skimpy, to be honest, but we did get some pretty legit sandwiches for lunch.

Who was that blond dude?

Adam: The blonde dude was a friend of one of the producers, I believe. He's a stand-up comedian based out of LA and a very nice guy. I was happy to have someone cool to hang out with while lights and cameras and such were being fiddled with!

If you had one piece of advice for anyone preparing to star in their own unboxing video, what would it be?

Adam: Keep it short, simple. It's about whatever it is you're unboxing, not you! And really, there's a limit to how exciting a dude opening a box is going to be, so once you hit that three-minute mark (let alone the ten-minute mark - I've seen it), you've rambled for too long and it's time to wrap it up.


Yaris: It's a car!