Let’s Unbox a Car, Shall We?

When the folks at Toyota asked Gizmodo to create the unboxing of all unboxings, we turned to the legendary Adam Frucci. Both a super friend of the site and an all-around charming individual, Adam was given the honor of unboxing the brand-new 2012 Toyota Yaris. And we filmed the whole thing.


Watch the video to see Adam:

  • brave gigantic packing materials (including a suitably-sized silica packet)
  • reveal the joy and majesty that is the 2012 Yaris
  • walk us through the immense manual that touts features such as the honkable horn and the burrito-sized glove box
  • climb into the Yaris
  • verify that the steering wheel is compatible with human hands

Yaris: It's a car!

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