After Huge Hack, Fury and Other Unreleased Sony Films Leak On the Web

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Sony Pictures is having a tough Thanksgiving week. After being hacked almost week ago (by maybe North Korea?), DVD-quality downloads of Fury and other unreleased Sony films have leaked on the web, according to TorrentFreak.


Although Fury, Brad Pitt's WWII military flick released in October, is pretty much expected to be on torrent websites sooner or later, it's the other films that are a big surprise. These movies—Annie, Mr. Turner, and Still Alice—are also appearing online but haven't even been released in theaters yet. The leaks are believed to be advanced DVD screeners, which are often given out for award consideration.

There's no confirmation that these leaks have any connection to the #GOP hack, but in that attack, hackers stole an estimated 11,000 gigabytes of data that may also include passport and visa info of cast and crew along with info regarding Sony's IT systems, according to a Reddit thread.

Regardless of whether the hacks are related to Monday's attack, won't dissuade Sony from pressing charges and addressing the leak as "a criminal matter," according to an official spokesperson. However, it's hard to say whether these four leaked films are the end of Sony's piracy woes or just the beginning. [via TorrentFreak/Deadline]



bah- the effect this has on a revenue stream is negligible as the majority of the viewers simply ain't savy enough to use a torrent. sure- it'll cost 'em a few hundred thousand at worst, but that's hardly a staggering blow- more of a paper cut, if anything. if losing .08% of your net profit is a crushing blow, you ain't gonna be in business for long anyway.