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Do you remember the prank of 2009? It was near the end of a very exciting Super Bowl (Cardinals-Steelers), when the video feed in Tucson, Arizona abruptly switched to a porn scene. Well, they finally caught the guy who did that.


If you need a real refresher, here's the original story (NSFW! NSFW!). Anyway, the suspect arrested is Frank Tanori Gonzalez, a Tuscon-area man who was a supervisor at Cox Communications during the 2009 Super Bowl. But! The cable company who actually got affected by the 37-second porn splice was Comcast, who ended up paying $10 credit to all 80,000 subscribers in the area.

How did a Cox guy mess with a Comcast signal? Because local television station KVOA sent its game broadcast to Cox to relay to Comcast. It's believed that Gonzalez tampered with the local feed before sending out to Comcast. Some sort of cable wars, I guess. Anyway, it's amazing that it took this long to find the guy. He probably thought he got away with it! And now he won't be able to watch this year's Super Bowl. [NY Post]


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