Air-Con in a Can Helps you Keep your Cool

Portable air conditioning used to mean something Marshall amp-sized (preferably on wheels) that you could fill with water, hoick from room to room, dangle the hose out of the window and plug in. Well, my friends, those days are gone, and instead you can lower the temperature with air-con in a can. For $5 you get a 220ml can filled with all sorts of lovely chemicals, including ethanol (so no smoking while you're spraying or you might find yourself flambéing your armpit hair) to keep your temperatures crypt-like in the summer months.

A Gizmodo tip, though: Don't give up the deodorant in the meantime—while the air-con in a can might provide relief for you, it won't help your fellow travelers on the subway if you are a smelly fella.


Product Page [Strapya via Akihabara News]

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