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Airwolf Helicopter Replica Doesn't Come With Jan-Michael Vincent

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do you still mourn the day the networks took Airwolf off the air for good? Does the thought of flying through the cool mountain skies of the California wilderness, your trusty Bluetick Coonhound Tet at you side, excite you to no end? Me neither (city slicker, present), but that doesn't mean this Airwolf helicopter replica is any less cool. Sure it doesn't have an interior, and the chain gun has been suspiciously removed, but it's got character, and probably still smells like the feathered coiffure of Jan-Michael Vincent. That's Stringfellow Hawke, to you civies. More pics and budget pricing for this hunk of nostalgia after the jump.


That dust is 1980s dust. That means this chopper is a collector's item, not filthy dirty. Bidding started at about $40,000, and concludes later today.