AK-47 MP3 Player

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Audio Books For Free has announced a great, psuedo-legal way to use your spare Kalashnikov (read: AK-47) assualt rifle with their new AK-MP3—an MP3 player built into ammunition magazines from AK-47s. Able to function loaded in an AK or standalone, the player offers 20GB of storage and a USB 2.0 interface, as well as a graphical LCD. The product page features pictures of the scantily clad "Triple Kalashnikov Girls" in what we can only imagine is standard Russian military attire, as well as a photo of some random "ex-rock-star" who pretty much kills the whole girlish wonder vibe they had going on in one fell swoop. Available for just $350.00, with the next shipment expected in May 2005, ABFF is taking pre-orders now.

Product Page [ABFF via MP3PlayerBlog]

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