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Okay, I have no information that Al Gore even knows that this product exists. But it is the perfect gift for our former Veep. It's boring, for one thing. But also environmentally friendly and high tech. The Jimi is made of 100% recycled, semi-transparent plastic, and its manufacturer promises to put 1% of its profits back into the environment somehow (and a promise is a promise). Why not just buy a hemp wallet instead, you say? To make Jimi a bit more interesting, you can remove the included money clip (because who really needs one of those inside a wallet?) and replace it with a specially-designed insert that will hold 2 SD cards and 2 SIM cards. Comes in this aqua color as well as magenta, orange, smoke and clear finishes. Goes for about $14.95.

Hey Al, you can find the Jimi Wallet and other less boring presents in the Gizmodo Gift Guide or just pick up a Jimi Wallet here.


See you, Jimi! [T3]