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Al-Qaeda Can Turn Clothes into Explosives By Dipping Them in Liquid

Illustration for article titled Al-Qaeda Can Turn Clothes into Explosives By Dipping Them in Liquid

ABC News is reporting that al Qaeda has come up with a "new generation of liquid explosives" for a potential attack. The scary thing is that the bomb "would not be detected by current security measures". Even scarier is that a US official called the new method "ingenious". Well, then.

The new bomb method sounds like the sick creation of a mad scientist. Terrorists would dip their clothes into the special liquid and become explosives once the clothes were dry. ABC News cites two senior US government officials as the source of this new clothing bomb information. Supposedly, the new bomb technique was developed by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which is home of bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri (the guy behind the failed underwear bomb of 2009).


Al Qaeda has been amping up its activity lately, so this news of a clothing bomb has US officials on high alert. Let's see how that will trickle down to the TSA. [ABC News]

Image by Jose Gil/Shutterstock


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This is easy to foil. Just have a TSA agent wave a lighter in the direction of each passenger as they pass through screening. If anyone freaks out and jumps backwards to get away, it's off to Guantanamo for them!