Al Qaeda Planned To Put Bombs Inside Pets To Blow Up Airplanes

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Ibrahim al-Asiri is al Qaeda's top bomb maker. He's also the operative behind the failed underwear bomb plot in 2009, and he's got some devious, evil genius-level plans for bombs that find their way onto airplanes without being detected.

He wanted to hide explosives inside pets—you know, man's best friend? Blowing Fido to smithereens when all he ever did was bring you the newspaper? That's just awful. He also wanted to conceal bombs in cameras and external hard drives that would detonate when connected to a laptop. This is in addition to earlier ideas to for bombs in printer cartridges and even inside people.


But the good news is, al-Asiri's latest ideas have been exposed by a double agent working for U.S. and British intelligence, who was able to smuggle one of these bombs outside of Yemen. Hopefully this doesn't mean pets will join liquids and gels over three ounces on the list of things banned from passing through airport security. [ABC News]

Image credit: sixninepixels/Shutterstock