Rationing care seems to be the new normal, according to several other reports coming from across the U.S. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a troubling embrace of eugenics among people on the far right. Just yesterday, disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said that many people who have died from covid-19 “were on their last legs anyway.”


O’Reilly, who paid $32 million to settle a sexual harassment claim before he was fired by the network, also told Sean Hannity that countries with socialized medicine weren’t handling the coronavirus pandemic as well as the U.S., something that’s simply not true. The U.S., the only wealthy nation that doesn’t guarantee health care to all its citizens, is on track to have the worst coronavirus outcomes of any country on Earth. The U.S. now accounts for roughly a quarter of daily covid-19 deaths, according to the Financial Times.

And a new article from NOLA.com echoes some of the most troubling reports in the U.S., explaining how nurses in Louisiana are being pressured by hospital managers into getting vulnerable people off of ventilators through coercion:

Nurses say they’re multitasking more than ever. A nurse at East Jefferson says the nurses working with coronavirus patients have lost ancillary support from other staffers who would normally help provide care: physical therapists, occupational therapists, environmental services.


That nurse bemoaned her inability to develop personal connections with her patients because there’s too much work to be done. And she said she’s uncomfortable with instructions she’s been given about how to talk to patients about their options, saying staff are being advised to steer sicker patients away from ventilators.

“What they have said is, ‘If you do not think they are gonna make it, we would appreciate it if you would encourage them to go in the right direction,’” the nurse said about how supervisors have advised them to discuss life-preserving measures.


There doesn’t appear to be strong guidance coming from the federal government, other than to say that there shouldn’t be discrimination. The feds are also taking every opportunity to stroke President Trump’s ego, a disgusting display typically only seen in authoritarian countries like North Korea.

“Alabama and other states are free to and encouraged to adopt clear triage policies, but they must do so within the guardrails of the law,” Roger Severino, Director of OCR, said. “President Trump has mobilized the entire federal government to ensure that no person is left behind for lack of medical resources, but also that no one is excluded because of unlawful stereotypes or discrimination.”