Alice Braga: The New Predators Are The Darkest Yet

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Alice Braga shared stories about lugging around a 14-pound sniper rifle while her all-male Predators cast-mates all carry bitty knives. And she told us why these Predators were scarier than I Am Legend's CG zombies/vamps. So far, so good.


Alice Braga shared a few Predators details about playing the sniper-rifle-toting Isabella, at her press conference for her upcoming film Repo Men, where she also kicks plenty of ass.

Has Predators wrapped?

Yes, we wrapped in the second week of January.

How did that go, as an experience?

It was great, it was really nice. A lot of running around, running for my life, as fast as I can. It was really nice. A great cast and crew and the cinematographer, Gyula Pados, is amazing. I think it's going to look really nice. And the new Predators are dark. They are really, really scary. So I think the fans are really going to be happy with it. I hope so. The director Nimród Antal, he's a fan of the Predator films. So it's like a fan directing this, [it was] like a kid on set, and having that energy was very special. I wish I could tell you more.

Is it going to be as R-Rated as this [Repo Men] or is it PG-13?

I don't know that, I think they might try to do PG-13, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure, I hope not actually. You know what, I think they [might] not [be able to do it PG-13] because there are some dark scenes in it, like the other films. So I think it's going to be R. But going back to [a previous] question about editing, we never know what's going to happen. But it looks really dark and really nice. I think, I had fun.

So your career seems to be going not only in the science-fiction direction but in the action direction as well. If you could work on any action movie or franchise what would you chose, do you have that idea role in your head?

I haven't thought about it. I think this was a challenge when it came up. I'm a small, short girl, I never thought I'd be running around and kicking ass, punching and shooting. In Predators, I'm a sniper and my gun was the heaviest gun on set. It's 14 pounds. And everyone else is with knife and a pistol and I'm with this rifle, carrying the whole thing, I'm like, "why my character, why mine, seriously?" So that kind of thing I never thought [would be] coming up. I do love the challenge.


Are you ready to get your own action figure?

We did get scanned, but it was for a production thing. But I really hope I have an action figure. I would love that.


Was it a hard shoot?

It was a fun shoot. It was hard. It was hard, because we went through different weather conditions in Austin, really cold and working outdoors. But it was a blast, and I think it's going to be really nice because the Predators look really dark.


What's it like acting with a guy in a suit, who's 9-feet tall?

Awesome. Truly, I had so much fun, because on I Am Legend they were suits with dots, so it's like Teletubbies. And then suddenly you have a guy, and I remember when I met him I took a picture — one of the guys he played Jason, so he's really, really big. And I was barefoot next to him. Derek [Mears] and he's great, because not anyone can play those characters. But having someone that tall, that big, with me, it was a wonderful thing. That kind of vibe was great because it really gives you the [Makes A Gasping Noise] of desperation.


And it's such an interesting collection of actors in this film, like Topher Grace and Adrien Brody, what was it like working with all these different actors?

It was great because I think they wanted to make something different. Having Adrien as the hero was not the obvious choice. But he did great, he got really big [and] did an amazing job.


It's probably a hard film to make because there are so many Predator films before it and you have a rabid fan base, so will this film one-up all the old movies?

I don't know if it will one up the other films, but I think it adds up. I think to be successful as the others it has to add up. You can not try to make something different because then you lose the fans. The best thing is to make a film for the fans, that's why we are making it.




What I gathered in the first half of the interview:

"dark, dark, blah, blah, blah, blah, really dark, blah, blah,dark, blah, dark, dark. blah, blah."

Why does every movie have to be "dark" anymore. The first Predator was brilliant in that it was in mostly in broad daylight—much of it sunny.