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Alien abductees star in a spacefaring comedy of errors

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A crew of alien activists kidnap six human misfits in Christopher Baldwin's new webcomic Spacetrawler. Can a hedonist, a gal raised by coyotes, a vegan peacenik, a tech whiz, and a cranky alien pilot all learn to get along?

Baldwin is known for creating webcomics like Bruno, which chronicles 11 years in the life of a young woman, and Little Dee, a newspaper-style strip about a child raised by chattering animals. He recently launched Spacetrawler, a full-color scifi comedy.

Nogg, an activist who resembles a globe-shaped fish, needs a team of humans to further his political goals. Rather than try diplomacy, he opts for the time-honored method of abducting humans from their homes. In addition his regular mismatched crew, he's now stuck with an angry and eclectic bunch of humans: a sweet-natured university student, a technology fetishist, a drunken omnisexual with poor impulse control, a trigger-happy nomad raised by coyotes, an animal lover, and some jerk from Australia. If they don't get around to killing one another, they have plenty of political enemies who will be happy to do the job.


Spacetrawler updates Mondays and Wednesdays, and has a small enough archive to breeze through in an afternoon.