Alien UFO Detector Strap: Dating Necessity

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Scenario: You meet Jim. He is sweet, kind and most importantly, easy to talk to. It's as if you've known him your whole life. And hugging him, no matter where you may be, feels like home.


Of course he's an alien (or possibly a robot). But what you probably didn't realize is that YOU are an alien, too. Now if you'd picked up an $18.95 Alien UFO Detector Strap earlier, you wouldn't have dumped the one life form in the entire galaxy with whom your sexual organs are compatible.

Product Page [via redferret]


Finally! A cell phone strap that actually has some gadgety-essence (regardless of what it does, it has some kind of battery and lights up) and was NOT brought to us by Lisa Katayama. For awhile there, I thought that Lisa was the only watcher of the celly-strap segment. Kudos Mark on an excellent find!