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All Giz Wants: A Camera App That Makes Everything Look Like Kings Quest

Illustration for article titled All Giz Wants: A Camera App That Makes Everything Look Like iKings Quest/i

I'd love it if someone built an app that makes everything look like 1984. I'm not asking for what hipstamatic does. I want an app that makes everything I shoot to look like a 1984 PC game. Specifically, Kings Quest.


Or Police Quest, or Space Quest. Anything pre-VGA. The original Kings Quest ran at a then revolutionary 16 color mode. It ran at a max of 640 by 200 on the PCJr, or 320 by 200 pixels in the Sierra's own game engine distributed for all PCs.

That's it. Explaining what I want is easy! I don't quite understand why I want such a low fi thing. I guess life seems more simple at low res and color. Who can't appreciate that?

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No fair, you have the EGA screenshot. Only richie rich and his posh pals rolled so hard with 16 colors. Us blue collar eighties keyboardists did REAL fine with CGA 4 color, none of that enhanced nonsense. I can tell the water's blue because it's magenta but with lines of white.