All the Awesome DC Comics Toys of Toy Fair 2016

Batman Beyond 3-pack. $50, in stores January 2017.

Toy Fair is always a wonderful time of year for comics fans, a chance to see the superhero merchandise that will drain your wallet (alongside what your weekly comics subscription does to it already). DC is no exception, and their slate of new toys this year is amazing—including a Batwing the size of your torso.

DC Icons

“Judas Contract” Deathstroke, “Dark Genesis” Swamp Thing, and “Amazo Virus” Wonder Woman. $28 each, in stores September 2016.

DC’s Icons range—meant to create the most iconic versions of their heroes—is already expanding in some amazing ways. Not only are new waves of classic figures based on Darkseid, Deathstroke, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman coming, the line is bumping up with deluxe figures.

“Forever Evil” Cyborg, $45. In stores September 2016. Deluxe Darkseid and Grail, $100. In store October 2016.

Darkseid himself will come in at a whopping 12" tall in a bundle with his daughter, Grail, while there’s also a deluxe Cyborg based on his appearance in “Forever Evil”, complete with swappable arms and a power generator.

Deluxe Batgirl of Burnside. $60, in stores November 2016.

The coolest addition, however? An amazing set based on the updated version of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl—the soft-reboot that first appeared in late 2014 and took the comics world by storm. This version of Barbara, in her fancy updated outfit, comes with a motorbike to ride around on.

Accessory packs 1 and 2, $28 each. In store October 2016.

The Icon line is also getting some accessory packs for already released figures—bundles that include elements like trick arrows for the Green Arrow, or extra Lantern constructs for Green Lantern, as well as bonus minifigures like Bat-Mite or Ch’p, the Lantern Squirrel.

DC Cinematic Universe

Armored Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Wonder Woman and Superman $45 each, Batman $50. Batman and Superman in stores September 2016, Wonder Woman in stores November 2016.

DC Collectibles also announced its first line solely based on DC’s cinematic adventures—debuting 6" figures from Batman v Superman, Man of Steel, and for the first time, Suicide Squad. Batman v Superman will be represented by its three heroes and Lex Luthor, Man of Steel by General Zod, Faora, and Jor-El, and Suicide Squad by Harley Quinn and El Diablo.

Harley Quinn and El Diablo from Suicide Squad, Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman. $45 each. Lex in stores November 2016, Harley and Diablo in stores 2017.
Faora, Jor-El, and Zod from Man of Steel. $45 each, in stores September 2017.

Harley Quinn Collection

Classic Harley, Holiday Harley, Retro Spacesuit Harley, and Superhero Harley. Price and Release date unannounced.

Yes, Harley Quinn has gotten so popular that she’s getting her own dedicated line of 6.75" action figures. Designed by Amanda Connor, the artist on Harley’s current ongoing comic, the line will depict Harley in a variety of kooky getups befitting the character’s oddball nature—everything from retro spacesuits to her classic Harlequin getup.

DC Animated

Tales of the Dark Knight 3-pack. $70, in stores October 2016.

The animated figure series—though not without its problems—is one of the jewels in DC Collectibles’ crown, and now it’s getting better with a huge swathe of fan favorite characters and designs making their way to the line. In the header image above, you can see the amazing 3 pack based on Batman Beyond, featuring Terry McGinnis’ Batman, the elderly Bruce Wayne, and his pet dog Ace, but it’s not the only figure pack coming from the range—“Tales of the Dark Knight”, based on the “Legends of the Dark Knight” episode of The New Batman Adventures (itself adapting the classic Dark Knight Returns graphic novel), features Batman, Carrie Kelley’s Robin, and the Mutant Leader.

Girls Night Out 5-pack. $80, in stores September.

The “Girl’s Night Out” episode from the series provides inspiration for a five pack of female heroes and villains, including Batgirl and Supergirl.

Holiday Joker. $45, in stores December 2016.

And “Christmas with The Joker” from Batman: The Animated Series inspires a festive set featuring a Holiday Joker and his meagre Christmas tree.

Scarface, Joker, Harvey Bullock, and Talia Al Ghul. $28 each, in stores September 2016.

Aside from special sets, regular waves of the series are still coming out. The next wave features Harley Quinn, Firefly, Harvey Bullock, Scarface, Talia al Ghul, Joker, and Anti-Fire Suit Batman.

Deluxe Clayface. $40, in stores October.

On top of that, a deluxe Clayface is on the way as well.

Light up Batwing. $100, in stores October. Bearded gentleman in snazzy Bat-logo jacket not included.

But the absolute highlight of the animated series reveals is the massive, 36" long Batwing. Featuring working lights and space to set two figures, the massive vehicle can take pride of place next to the recently released Batmobile... if you’ve got the space.

Designer Series

Darwyn Cooke Green Lantern, Greg Capullo Aquaman, and Darwyn Cooke Catwoman. Price and Release date unannounced.

Finally, DC also unveiled a few new entries in its series based on emulating the different art styles and designs of DC comics artists. A new wave of figures will see Darwyn Cooke’s takes on John Stewart and Catwoman, as well as Greg Capullo’s Aquaman, join the series.

Greg Capullo Jim Gordon (Batman) and Rookie. Price and Release date unannounced.

There were a few bonus surprises for the line though—like this deluxe twinpack featuring Greg Capullo’s design for Jim Gordon and his mechanized Batsuit, the current version of Batman seen in DC’s comics (although... not for much longer, it seems).

Jim Lee Blueline Superman. $40, in stores July 2016.

Finally, joining the jaw-dropping Jim Lee “sketch” Batman from San Diego Comic Con last year is Lee’s take on Superman. Unlike Batman, Superman will be wildly available, and includes a piece of Jim Lee art in the packaging as well as the 6.75" figure itself, designed to look like a 3D sketch.

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