All the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors in a Single Infographic

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If you love Ben and Jerry's ice cream, but can never remember what the heck is in Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch or Spectacular Speculoos, go print out a copy of this infographic and tape it to your fridge right now.


This handy ice cream key was created by designer Jishai Evers, a Ben & Jerry's fan who was curious to see which basic flavors are most popular. (Answer: Chocolate, and more chocolate.) Built with data from the Ben & Jerry's website, the infographic allows you to visually sort through the company's not-always-enlightening brand names and decide whether a particular flavor is right for you.

My favorite little nugget of information here? Just how much we love packing cookies, cakes and brownies into our ice cream like they actually belong there. [Dadaviz]


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