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All the Lego Star Wars Minifigs in History

Illustration for article titled All the Lego Star Wars Minifigs in History

If you liked our exclusive Lego minifig graphic timeline and you are a Star Wars fan, you will love this gallery with all the Lego Star Wars minifigs manufactured since 1999.


These minifigs are part of the limited edition poster that Lego has published as part of their 10th anniversary celebration of Lego Star Wars, one of their most successful Lego universe. Unfortunately, the poster is not longer available. Fortunately, Lego is going to publish a 10th anniversary book which will be available for everyone.


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I'm surprised our LEGO Queen Lindsay hasn't chimed in yet. I have so few Minifigs in general, but I at least have some of the classics, my favorite being Darth Vader (and his personal TIE).

As a matter of principle, I just refuse to have any of the new trilogy pieces. I hated those movies to the core of my being.

I would like a whole gaggle of Jawas, but they seem to only come with that kerflurkin' roving hauler set, which is pricey (and huge).