All the Special Effects of Game of Thrones Are Still So Unbelievably Real

After seeing the reel of special effects used for Game of Thrones Season One, I was on high alert to see if anything looked off or weird in Season Two. Could I spot the hidden CGI? Nope. I couldn't find anything. Turns out, pretty much everything was CGI'd and it's amazing because it all feels so damn real.

Obviously the dragons and the castles and the explosions and killing and anything else that's a little too fantasy world were made with CGI but it's crazy to see the mundane aspects of the show dolled up in special effects too. I have to say, all these computer effects are totally worth it because the story and world of Westeros on HBO all make for what is very probably the best show on television right now. [TheCGBro via io9]


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The CGI work for the scenery and buildings is spectacular.

The animals, less so. There's trickery involved with the direwolves that looks a bit off, and the dragons look nothing like real dragons.