All Zunes Confirmed Dead and Eaten by Zune HD

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Only the strong survive: Paul Thurrott confirms that the Zune HD will kill off the rest of the Zune line. All models of the original Zune, flash and hard drive, are officially discontinued. If you want one, buy it now.


He also throws out one other tip: If you're choosy about colors, don't pre-order, because you'll be stuck with black for the 16GB model or platinum for the 32GB one. If you wait until Sept. 15, when you can pick the color of your poison. Kind of a sad day—if Zune is killing off the giant capacity model to exclusively go the HD route, it makes it seem just slightly more likely that the iPod classic could be getting the axe too next Wednesday. [WinSuperSite via ZuneSpring]


Let's face it, Zune sales are so low that they simply can't afford to have a selection of models to choose from.

They need to focus all future Zune sales on a single model type if they are to justify the R&D, the marketing $$$, and convince retailers that the HD is going to be worth stocking.

Many retailers have already dropped the non HD Zunes, so will anyone even notice when they finally get what they deserve?

They'll be discounting the HD in January any way, to try and stoke up the numbers for Q1.