Amazing Laser-Scanning Robotic Butcher Always Cuts the Perfect Slice

It can't recommend the ideal cut of beef for your next backyard BBQ, but thanks to a laser scanner that's able to generate a 3D model, Nantsune's Libra 165C robo-butcher will quickly cut up a piece of meat into perfect fixed-weight slices.


Previous automated methods involved weighing every single slice as they came off the blade, but that can be time consuming, particularly in a factory setting where speed equals profit. So the Libra 165C first laser scans and creates a 3D model of a piece of meat to gauge its shape and calculate the varying thicknesses of slices so they all weigh, and can be priced, exactly the same. It's capable of churning out 100 slices every minute, and when it's available in late June, it will have an equally impressive price tag of around $160,000. [DigInfo TV]

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can't they make a laser-scanning street light? I freaking hate waiting at a red light when there is no cross traffic.