The world's largest wind turbine blade on the road

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This is the world's largest wind turbine blade en route to the largest offshore wind turbine in the world, in Methil, Scotland. At an incredible 273.95 feet (83.5 meters) long by 13.7 feet (4.2 meters) wide, the blade had to be transported all the way from Denmark, where it was manufactured—a logistical nightmare.


It was installed on a 7-megawatt test offshore turbine made by Samsung Heavy Industries, which will start producing energy in 2015. Here's a video of the installation, from April 4:

And here's the hilarious description by the Danish government site Invest in Denmark:

Easy Transportation of blades

The root diameter of the blades is only 4.2 meters, which makes it ideal to facilitate smooth road transportation. The blades are transported on heavy load trucks from SSP Technology's production site in the southern part of Funen, Denmark. In the port of Esbjerg on the Danish west coast, the blades are loaded onto special vessels for the sea transport to the installation site of the Scottish coast.

Easy transportation of blades. Must be Danish humor.

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I can't help but think this would have been much easier to move via air. Am I wrong?