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We hate waiting for things. Whether that be cable guys or package deliveries, it's tedious and annoying. But Amazon and 7-Eleven are now teaming up to address this problem (for packages at least) in the form of a parcel locker.


Simply dubbed O, Amazon's experimental project currently allows residents of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood to have their packages routed to the store, and access them by entering a pin number into the machine. When someone orders a package on Amazon and has an eligible zip code, they can elect to have their order shipped to one of these machines.

News of the locker first surfaced last week on The Daily, and GeekWire's John Cook successfully tracked the machine down. If this turns out to be successful, it will be awesome, mostly because he idea is so smart on Amazon's part: pair up with a retail-based company that's open late, if not 24 hours and has multiple locations in every city. And with the postal service on life support, we might need good ideas like this in a hurry. I hope FedEx and UPS are paying attention. [GeekWire via TIMN]

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