Amazon Instant Just Got 4K Streaming

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Amazon's streaming video service just got an upgrade. Starting today, Prime Instant Video offers 4K Ultra High Definition streaming at no extra charge, so people with compatible TVs will have the option to watch Transparent and a limited selection of movies and television in 4K HD.

A number of Sony Pictures movies like American Hustle and Godzilla are immediately available, and you'll be able to buy Ultra HD movies starting at $20.

Netflix and YouTube already offer 4K streaming, so Amazon is playing catch-up to its biggest streaming competitors. But you've still gotta have a lot of bandwidth and a hell of a TV to make any use of it. 4K TVs are still pricy (one of the suggestions Amazon gives is a casual $24k). And good luck if your internet connection has a data cap. Still, it's a nice little free feature for anyone who can take advantage, and another reason to look forward to the day 4K TVs are actually affordable. [Amazon via The Verge]

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This is great... for people who can tolerate the terrible interface, buffering, horrible quality (in general) of Amazon prime. My wife and I have had Prime since its infancy, but seldom do we ever use the Prime video feature, because its horrible. The quality is abysmal, silverlight is the bane of my existence and they never update the apps or the web interface... Plus! For the binge-watcher in all of us, NO AUTOPLAY?! Netflix has the market, there is no alternative at the moment.