Amazon Is Going to Start Charging Sales Tax (in California)

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Californians. Dudes. Dudettes. The gig is up, folks. Starting midnight, Amazon customers in the Golden State of California will have to start paying tax on purchases made on Amazon and "other large internet retailers". Go click crazy now while you can!

Amazon currently charges tax in seven states right now (Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, Texas, Washington and Pennsylvania) but has plans to collect sales tax in seven more by 2016 (New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Nevada, Tennessee, South Carolina and California), it just so happens that California will be the first to fall. Originally, Amazon was able to stave off the tax man but broke ass California only gave a stay of execution for a year. That was last year. This year, Amazon doesn't have anything left in the chamber so they're forced to charge sales tax.


Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D) told CBS News:

"When you're losing that sales tax revenue, that means it's affecting your roads, it's affecting the resources for local government, it's affecting the resources for education."

I don't know, no tax on HDMI cables and pots and pans and KY Jelly and TVs and computers sounds better than all that stuff. JUST KIDDING. Anyways. If you live in California, let us know if Amazon starting to charge sales tax will change your shopping habits. [CBS News]

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I was really surprised when I learned that some Americans weren't required to pay taxes on their internet purchases yet paid them on purchases from brick and mortar operations. Why the various governments didn't nip this loss of revenue in the bud seems kind of strange.